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5 Ways To Improve The COVID-19 Patient Experiance

COVID-19 has caused so much unwanted change in our lives its difficult to fully comprehend. It has resulted in my new, least favorite job (because I am terrible at it!) which is home school teacher to my 7 and 11 year old. While I miss visiting restaurants, the gym, movie theaters and  shopping at Costco without a mask, I also miss going to work, my patients and my coworkers. I want to resume normal everyday life, not this new normal we are trying to create, my old normal! Every time I step out into public the reality of what is currently going on smacks me in my mask wearing face and reminds me that this isn't going away any time soon.

This is a huge adjustment for those of us working in dentistry, but we need to remember it is also a BIG adjustment for our patients. The plexiglass that now separates us from the check out person at the grocery store seems cold and disconnected so I only imagine what  patients who are accustomed to warm personal appointments will feel when we emer…

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